Spain is one of the countries in the European Union with the highest biodiversity levels in its waters and seabed. Its strategic position within the continent means that we have waters in different marine regions, which have their own hydrological, oceanographic and biogeographic characteristics and, therefore, provide unique characteristics for the development of ecosystems and life forms.

A vast part of this natural wealth is covered by the protection offered by the areas of the Natura 2000 network (Sites of Community Interest, Special conservation areas and Special protection areas for Birds). A total of 8% of the territorial waters of our country are protected in the more than 270 sites of the marine Natura 2000 network.

Within this framework, in the LIFE IP INTEMARES project we are carrying out different initiatives aimed at maintaining and improving the good conservation status of these sites and the habitats and species that you can find there:

  • Identification and declaration of new sites that should form part of the marine Natura 2000 network for the protection of habitats and / or species of community interest.
  • Elaboration of management plans that establish the necessary measures for the conservation of habitats and species, as well as the regulation of essential uses in order to make them compatible with current uses and activities. To this end, we have launched different participation fora with all the administrations and sectors involved.
  • Habitat and species conservation actions: elaboration of conservation plans, strategies and protocols for the sea turtle with regard to stranding and nesting activities.
  • Actions that mitigate impacts: development of demonstration projects aimed at reducing the impact of anthropic actions on habitats and species.